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We are a bicycle shop and cafe run by cyclists for cyclists in the heart of the Cheshire countryside

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Our Velo Cafe

There is a mysterious affinity between cafes, coffee and cycling. And, if truth be told, cake.

Matt Seaton

It’s not so mysterious though really is it as we cyclists know that cake never tastes better than after it’s been earned. Coffee carries the essential legal high that keeps us fired up for the road or trail. A coffee stop is an integral part of any good ride, the place where stories are told and legends fermented.


That’s why we’ve created a hub for you to warm up, meet your crew and be immersed in all things cycling. Rijo42 is our brew of choice for our cafe and Helen bakes the best cakes in Cheshire.

Our Coffee

We have selected 100% organic and Rain Forest Alliance approved grade 1 beans for you. Only arabica beans can provide the right hit for an espresso. Ours is grown above 1600 metres to concentrate flavour. We haven’t found a better coffee and we pride ourselves in brewing every cup to perfection.

What is Rainforest Alliance ?

The Rainforest Alliance is a growing network of farmers, foresters, communities, scientists, governments, environmentalists and businesses dedicated to conserving biodiversity and ensuring sustainability.

Our Cake

Helen is one of Kelsall’s living legends. She’s constantly crafting cake magic in her Quarry Lane cake lab. It’s tough work but we have to taste and select the right cakes to grace our cake wall so that you can enjoy the best cake in Cheshire. We also offer a comprehensive plant based range because you know – plant based cake is healthy cake right !

Cherry Bakewell – you’ve got it.

Coffee and Walnut – delectable.

Chocolate – scrummy

Parkin – because Yorkshire folk need cake too.

Mince Pies – ’tis the season.

Flapjacks – staple foods covered too.

News and Offers

You’ll find here our blog about all things cycling and any offers we’ve worked with our suppliers to bring to you.

We’ve Moved

It’s been a special year, launching our community focussed bicycle shop in the heart of Kelsall. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement as we’ve grown our capability. We’ve been quite constrained by our site though so we’ve moved to new premises on the edge of our beautiful Delamere Forest. Same great service …

Bespoke Bicycles

We make it easy to experience the joy of riding a bicycle that you’ve had personally built to your own exacting specification. There’s something special about the process of finding the right frame and components to bring a bicycle to life – your unique bicycle.

Why not drop us a line for a no obligation chat through how we work with you to build your dream bike. Are you riding fast, far or both? do you want comfort on the trail or load carrying capacity? We can guide you through every decision to make your bike completely personal to you and bring you joy for many years to come.

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 Our location 

We have recently moved to Eddisbury Fruit Farm.  Please bare with us as Google Catches up!


We can be found here:  

Call us: 01829 752224 

email us: Ride@kelsallcycles.com

Whatsapp us: 07933 137114